What Do You Do?

So a little about me…

In the last twenty-something years, I’ve wanted to be a ballerina, lawyer, doctor, pharmacist, PR professional, marketer, investment banker, private equity partner, fashion designer, chef, hotelier, start-up founder, hedge fund manager … to name a few (not necessarily in that order). Even today, I want to be just a little greedy and have all those career paths and more. Hi, I’m Teresa MD DDS Esquire – has a certain ring to it, no?

My current (and most dominant) job title actually belongs to a real estate investment firm. Because of my job, I find myself in some pretty awe-inspiring situations. Just last year: I had all access passes that found me face to face with many familiar tennis stars, had dinner with Australian Prime Minister, traversed the deep snowy fields of northern China, explored where the city met the dessert in metropolitan Melbourne, ate my way through Sydney with the best travel squad, climbed a mango tree at the biggest mango farm in Australia…. just to name just a few.

I’m so incredibly lucky and grateful to have the opportunities that I do, and in an ideal world, I would take you all along on all my experiences. But until I find a way to make that possible (let me know if you know where to start!), we’ll have to make do with photo and video diaries.


Next up: Australian Open Finals with Kia motors!



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