About Me

Hello and welcome!

I’m Teresa, a Gen Y fresh(ish) uni grad from Melbourne.

My curiosity and interest in almost everything has lead me on a path that I never considered until I stumbled upon it. I am an entrepreneurial spirit, finance nerd, forever-student of something, foodie adventurer, travel aficionado, dog hugger, lover of life hacks, and professional buyer of things.

I’m fighting the odds and building myself an empire in a world that isn’t known for being inclusive of the young and female, as I’ve been kindly told by various people in multiple situations.

Sit back, enjoy and find humour in the crazy story of a girl and her journey from right here, right now, to where she wants to be. I’m keeping this as documentation of my journey, proof that we can all do exactly what we wish to. Dreams do come true.

***All content including text and photos remain property of young&female and Australian Copyright laws apply


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